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Junction Triangle Business Spotlight // Rosio Moyano Photography

Kevin Yu

My parents are from Hong Kong. With very little money but many hopes and dreams, they decided to leave their home...

My parents are from Hong Kong. With very little money but many hopes and dreams, they decided to leave their home...

Oct 18 5 minutes read

Skilled photographers have a knack for capturing fleeting moments in your life, and Rosio Moyano Photography never disappoints.

This edition of the Kevin Yu Team's Business Spotlight centers on Rosio Moyano Photography, a photography studio right outside The Junction Triangle. 

The genius behind the business's name, Rosio Moyano specializes in newborn, children, and maternity portraits. After a quick gander at her online portfolio, it's easy to get a sense of Rosio's talents. She truly creates magical moments. 

Many families who bring in their newborns to photograph the precious moments of early tend to be repeat customers. Rosio has the distinct opportunity to “grow” with her clients and their families throughout the growing years. From the first newborn photos, to childhood, to special occasions and beyond, Rosio is there to record those evanescent moments. 

So how exactly does Rosio make her subjects come across so authentically? She approaches the process as more of a fun adventure rather than a job. She does her best to make the photoshoot an enjoyable experience to ensure a seamless and flawless result. 

Smiles just tend to come more naturally this way, which is particularly important when working with young children.

Image courtesy of Rosio Moyano Photography.


As far as Rosio can remember, she's always been fond of photography. Since she was a child, she's always taken an interest in cameras and taking photos. In fact, she's always been the resident “photographer” of her family. And the fact that her father shared her love of photography further solidified her career path. 

Remarkably, Rosio was never formally trained in photography. Instead, she's self-taught. And based on her creations, it's clear that she was born to do this. 

The learning process for Rosio when it came to her current photography studio and specialty started with her own children. Since having kids, Rosio went all-in on her photography business to do this professionally. 

Image courtesy of Rosio Moyano Photography.

Choosing The Junction Triangle area to open her business was easy, as Rosio was already a resident of the area. The friendly community vibe, artistic ambience, and supportive people just makes running a business in this neighbourhood even better. 

Like other business owners, Rosio adopted measures to ensure that her clients were kept safe throughout the pandemic. She regularly sanitizes all the fabrics and props used in her photoshoots. Rosio recently had an air purifier installed in her studio, as well as a sterilizing machine to make thorough prop sterilization quick, easy, and effective.  

Image courtesy of Rosio Moyano Photography.

Rosio Moyano Photography studio is loaded with props to give her clients plenty of options. She ensures that there are enough choices for her clients in terms of needs and desires. 

Such a vast array of options also ensures that each photoshoot and results are truly unique to the client. Everything is always completely ready and laid out for each client when they arrive for their designated shoot. This helps to remove a lot of the complexities and stresses of a photoshoot. 

Just take a look at some of her images - it's easy to see that every client portrayed feels comfortable. 

Image courtesy of Rosio Moyano Photography.

For Rosio, it's not just about taking a nice picture. It's also about the connection and love between the family. And Rosio Moyano Photography captures that moment beautifully. In turn, the images become much more meaningful than a standard photo would be.

To get that perfect shot, sometimes the sessions can last for hours, particularly for newborn photoshoots. Knowing this, Rosio takes steps to ensure that the entire family is comfortable throughout the duration of the shoot so they don't feel like the process is dragging on. 

After around 2 to 3 weeks, all images taken during the shoot are ready for clients to peruse and choose from. 

Image courtesy of Rosio Moyano Photography.

Based on how comfortable Rosio made me feel during our interview, I can see how incredibly comfortable she must make her clients feel. Be sure to check her out online and book a consultation with her - you won't be disappointed!

Remember to support local, which is easy to do with fantastic businesses like Rosio Moyano Photography! Her studio is just one more reason to call The Junction Triangle home. 

Image courtesy of Rosio Moyano Photography.

Don't miss your chance of capturing your life's beautiful moments.

You now know the place for family, maternity, child and newborn photos is at Rosio Moyano Photography!

For more information, check out their website and Instagram:

Instagram: @rosiomoyanophotography

Facebook: Rosio Moyano Photography

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