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Junction Triangle Business Spotlight // Pipe and Wood Designs

Kevin Yu

My parents are from Hong Kong. With very little money but many hopes and dreams, they decided to leave their home...

My parents are from Hong Kong. With very little money but many hopes and dreams, they decided to leave their home...

May 13 4 minutes read

The Junction Triangle is filled with amazing businesses catering to the locals and visitors alike, and Pipe and Wood Designs is yet another example. If you're looking for truly unique furniture pieces and items of decor that you won't find elsewhere, Pipe and Wood Designs is the place to go.

This local shop produces custom rustic furniture designed specifically to the tastes and needs of the client. You'd never know from standing outside these doors all the amazing things this shop creates.

Brittany, the owner of Pipe and Wood Designs, has been building some of the coolest pieces in her shop since 2015 when it was first established. She chose the Junction Triangle simply because of its proximity to where she lived.

A friend of Brittany's lived and worked in the building where Pipe and Wood Designs operates out of, which is a fantastic live/work loft. Just a few short years ago, there were hardly any other businesses in the area. And now, popular local hot spots like Henderson Brewing are filling the street and the local area. More and more people and businesses are continuing to discover the community.

Pipe and Wood Designs does rustic industrial-style home decor items, which are the main items they sell most of. They also create and sell a lot of blanket towel ladders, dining tables, and larger shelving units. Customers can buy standard pieces or have them custom-made to fit their homes. If you can sketch it, they can make it.

Image courtesy of Pipe and Wood Designs.

One might assume that the cost of pieces at Pipe and Wood Designs are exorbitant, especially when considering the custom nature of the items sold. But that's far from the case.

Blanket ladders sell for as little as $100, and small knick-knack items sell for even less. Of course, larger custom furniture prices can run into the thousands, but they're open to working with people's budgets. Clients simply give Brittany and her team a budget, and they'll run with it.

While 'pipe' may be a staple in the products created at Pipe and Wood Designs — hence the name — there's more to the shop than that. They work with a fabricator to cater to those who don't want pipe and are looking for something cleaner and more modern.

Image courtesy of Pipe and Wood Designs.

As far as clientele is concerned, Pipe and Wood Designs cater mostly to residential customers, though they have plenty of commercial clients as well. Most of their customer base is new homeowners who are looking for that one extra piece to serve as the focal point in their home.

Image courtesy of Pipe and Wood Designs.

In terms of timelines for completion of custom-designed pieces, clients can expect their items to take roughly four weeks to be produced. That includes everything from the initial sketch, to getting the materials, to the actual production process. Smaller pieces take about a week to make and are produced in batches.

Image courtesy of Pipe and Wood Designs.

Pipe and Wood Designs is yet another great spot to check out in the neighbourhood. Come for a visit, grab a sweet treat and freshly-brewed espresso, and check out all the other fabulous businesses that call the Junction Triangle home while you're here!

For more information, check out their website and Instagram:

Instagram: @pipeandwooddesigns

Facebook: Pipe and Wood Designs

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