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Junction Triangle Business Spotlight // Gaspar Cafe

Kevin Yu

Kevin might be a real estate fanatic and expert, but his love of the housing market in Toronto and the people that are intermingled within it is just ...

Kevin might be a real estate fanatic and expert, but his love of the housing market in Toronto and the people that are intermingled within it is just ...

Apr 5 3 minutes read

There's something incredibly alluring about Gaspar Cafe. Is it the authentically European decor? The mouth-watering aroma that fills the air? Or the delectable display of Portuguese fare?

It's all of that, and more. 

Welcome to Gaspar Cafe, a local hangout right in the middle of the Junction Triangle. Owner Paul Santinhos opened up the cafe in December 2019 after realizing that this particular section of the Junction Triangle was lacking a coffee spot for locals to hang out and grab a quick coffee, sweet treat, or lunch. And locals couldn't be happier about it.

The timing may not have been the best to open, as a couple of months later, Paul was forced to temporarily close due to COVID-19. But despite that, he couldn't have picked a better location.

It didn't take long for locals and visitors to the area to find Gaspar Cafe and develop an affinity for it. These days, you'll often find long lines of patrons waiting to get their caffeine and sweet-tooth fix, especially on weekends.

Image courtesy of Gaspar Cafe.

Everything served in Gaspar Cafe is homemade (except for the biscottis). They do fresh sandwiches, pastries, and of course, coffee. They're also introducing frozen meals to meet the needs of the people in the neighbourhood. Whatever the locals want, Gaspar Cafe is ready to provide it!

There is also a variety of ice cream flavours available, which has proven to be a very popular item that will definitely pick up as the temperatures warm up.

Image courtesy of Gaspar Cafe.

Paul himself is a local resident, so opening in the area required very little self-convincing. The neighbourhood itself is fantastic, and the exact spot he chose couldn't have been more perfect. After listening to the chatter among residents about how great it would be to have a local cafe in this newer section of the area, Paul decided to use his 25 years in the food and beverage industry and apply it to opening his own cafe, which proved to be a very lucrative idea.

Image courtesy of Gaspar Cafe.

The storefront is very welcoming and inviting. As a frequent traveller to Portugal, Paul wanted to bring a little Europe to the community and infuse it into his cafe, which he does impeccably well with the decor and array of menu items. It's a little different from anywhere else in the city, and patrons love that about the place.

Image courtesy of Gaspar Cafe.

Gaspar Cafe is yet another great spot to check out in the neighbourhood. Come for a visit, grab a sweet treat and freshly-brewed espresso, and check out all the other fabulous businesses that call the Junction Triangle home while you're here!

For more information, check out their website and Instagram:

Instagram: @gasparcafetoronto

Facebook: Gaspar Cafe

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