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Junction Triangle Business Spotlight // Brasa Peruvian Kitchen

Kevin Yu

My parents are from Hong Kong. With very little money but many hopes and dreams, they decided to leave their home...

My parents are from Hong Kong. With very little money but many hopes and dreams, they decided to leave their home...

Oct 26 4 minutes read

There's a new restaurant in town! Once again, The Junction Triangle is the chosen site of a fabulous new restaurant, Brasa Peruvian Kitchen. And we guarantee you won't find anything quite like this anywhere else in town.

Serving up Peruvian-inspired warm bowls and salads, Brasa Peruvian Kitchen is definitely a place you want to check out to sample vibrant flavours of Peru immersed in more familiar dishes. 

Owner Michel, though born in Canada, has rich Peruvian roots and has always been very familiar with the delicious cuisine of Peru. His goal with Brasa Peruvian Kitchen is not just to serve up Peruvian-inspired dishes, but also to create a brand that would be associated with Peru.

Merging both his experience in the hospitality industry with his Peruvian background, Michel seeks to create a brand that is synonymous with Peru and pays homage to his family while encouraging others to try the flavours unique to the country. 

It should be noted that the fare served at this new eatery isn't necessarily traditional Peruvian food. Instead, the menu items include everyday salads and warm bowls — dishes that Canadians are more familiar with — infused with real Peruvian flavours. This is Michel's attempt to get people to sample the flavours of Peru through a vessel. 

Image courtesy of Brasa Peruvian Kitchen.


This isn't just business for Michel. It's also personal. Michel's father always wanted to start a Peruvian restaurant in Canada but had a tough time doing so. 

This is largely what motivates Michel, along with his experience in school here in Canada, being the only Peruvian kid. He was teased as a result, primarily for bringing his unique Peruvian lunches that looked and smelled different from everyone else's.

Not only is Brasa Peruvian Michel's dream, but it's one that shares with his father. In essence, they're sharing this dream together.

Image courtesy of Brasa Peruvian Kitchen.

So, why did Michel choose the Junction Triangle for Brasa Peruvian Kitchen? With ties to the community already established through current business relationships, Michel was encouraged to check out the building that Brasa Peruvian Kitchen now calls home. After scoping out the neighbourhood, Michel quickly determined that it would be the right fit for his new ethnic eatery. 

Image courtesy of Brasa Peruvian Kitchen.

But he didn't expect the fit to be so good. The community has quickly and warmly embraced the new restaurant. 

Patrons can order food for pickup or delivery. And when the weather cooperates, there's a cozy 16-seat boutique patio available to sit down and enjoy your menu item of choice. 

Image courtesy of Brasa Peruvian Kitchen.

Brasa Peruvian Kitchen is yet another great restaurant in the Junction Triangle and one that everyone needs to try out. 

This place is just one more reason why the Junction Triangle not only makes an ideal place to start a thriving business, but one to call home, too.

Image courtesy of Brasa Peruvian Kitchen.

Give your tastebuds a chance to try something new at Brasa Peruvian Kitchen.

You now know of a new boutique patio or take home option to share with the whole family, it's at Brasa Peruvian Kitchen!

For more information, check out their website and Instagram:

Instagram: @brasaperuvian

Facebook: Brasa Peruvian

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